Les logiciels d'analyse statistique



Titre (dcterms:title)

fr compte-rendu
en report

Identifiant (dcterms:identifier)

editor preferred label (obo:IAO_0000111)

en report

example of usage (obo:IAO_0000112)

en journal article, patent application, grant progress report, case report (not patient record)

has curation status (obo:IAO_0000114)

definition (obo:IAO_0000115)

en An information content entity assembled by an author for the purpose of providing information for an audience, and that is meant to provide an accurate account of something that happened.
fr Une entité support d'informations réunies par un auteur dans le but de fournir des informations à un public, et qui est destiné à fournir un compte rendu exact de quelque chose qui s'est passé.

editor note (obo:IAO_0000116)

en 2009-03-16: this was report of results with definition: A report is a narrative object that is a formal statement of the results of an investigation, or of any matter on which definite information is required, made by some person or body instructed or required to do so.
en disagreement about where reports go. alan: only some gene lists are reports. Is a report all the content of some document? The example of usage suggests that a report may be part of some article. Term needs clarification
en 2009-08-10 Alan Ruttenberg: Larry Hunter suggests that this be obsoleted and replaced by 'document'. Alan restored as there are OBI dependencies and this merits further discussion
en 2009-03-16: work has been done on this term during during the OBI workshop winter 2009 and the current definition was considered acceptable for use in OBI. If there is a need to modify this definition please notify OBI.

term editor (obo:IAO_0000117)

en PERSON: Melanie Courtot
en PERSON:Chris Stoeckert
en PERSON: Alan Ruttenberg
fr Jean-Marc Meunier

definition source (obo:IAO_0000119)

en OBI_0000099

imported from (obo:IAO_0000412)

label (rdfs:label)

en report
fr Rapport

subClassOf (rdfs:subClassOf)

fr Entité support d'information
en Information content entity

hierarchy level (md:hierarchyLevel)

fr 1
fr 2
fr 3
fr 4
fr 5
fr 6

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