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Titre (dcterms:title)

fr Protocole
en Protocol

Identifiant (dcterms:identifier)

editor preferred label (obo:IAO_0000111)

en protocol

example of usage (obo:IAO_0000112)

en PCR protocol, has objective specification, amplify DNA fragment of interest, and has action specification describes the amounts of experimental reagents used (e..g. buffers, dNTPS, enzyme), and the temperature and cycle time settings for running the PCR.

has curation status (obo:IAO_0000114)

definition (obo:IAO_0000115)

en A plan specification which has sufficient level of detail and quantitative information to communicate it between investigation agents, so that different investigation agents will reliably be able to independently reproduce the process.
fr Le protocole d'expérimentation regroupe la description des conditions et du déroulement d'une expérience ou d'un test. La description doit être suffisamment claire afin que l'expérience puisse être reproduite à l'identique et il doit faire l'objet d'une analyse critique pour notamment détecter d'éventuels biais.

term editor (obo:IAO_0000117)

en PlanAndPlannedProcess Branch

alternative term (obo:IAO_0000118)

fr Protocole d'expérimentation
fr Protocole d'étude

definition source (obo:IAO_0000119)

<p>OBI branch derived + wikipedia (<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protocol_%28natural_sciences%2">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protocol_%28natural_sciences%2</a>9)</p>

imported from (obo:IAO_0000412)

ISA alternative term (obo:OBI_0001847)

study protocol

ISI Glossary (ont:ISI_Glossary)

label (rdfs:label)

en protocol
fr Protocole

subClassOf (rdfs:subClassOf)

fr Spécification du plan
en Plan specification

hierarchy level (md:hierarchyLevel)

fr 1
fr 2
fr 3
fr 4
fr 5
fr 6
fr 7
fr 8

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Spécification du plan Class


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