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Support d'information


Titre (dcterms:title)

fr Support d'information
en Information carrier

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label (rdfs:label)

en Information carrier
fr Support d'information

Part of (obo1:part_of)

fr Modèle de régression
en Regression model

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fr Modèle de régression
en Regression model

editor preferred label (obo:IAO_0000111)

en information carrier

example of usage (obo:IAO_0000112)

en In the case of a printed paperback novel the physicality of the ink and of the paper form part of the information bearer. The qualities of appearing black and having a certain pattern for the ink and appearing white for the paper form part of the information carrier in this case.

has curation status (obo:IAO_0000114)

definition (obo:IAO_0000115)

en A quality of an information bearer that imparts the information content
fr La qualité d'un porteur d'information qui transmet le contenu de l'information.

editor note (obo:IAO_0000116)

en 12/15/09: There is a concern that some ways that carry information may be processes rather than qualities, such as in a 'delayed wave carrier'.

term editor (obo:IAO_0000117)

en PERSON: Alan Ruttenberg
fr Jean-Marc Meunier

definition source (obo:IAO_0000119)

en Smith, Ceusters, Ruttenberg, 2000 years of philosophy

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fr 1
fr 2
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