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Kiama Blowhole Eruptions


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Kiama Blowhole Eruptions

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fr Distribution exponentielle
fr Distribution de poisson

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Smyth, G.K.

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Australasian Data and Story Library (OzDASL)

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The ocean swell produces spectacular eruptions of water through a hole in the cliff at Kiama, about 120km south of Sydney, known as the Blowhole. The times at which 65 successive eruptions occurred from 1340 hours on 12 July 1998 were observed using a digital watch. Jim Irish writes Anyone who has visited the Blowhole more than once knows that the rate and volume of eruptions varies. This variation occurs at several timescales. We might expect that part is explained by the tides, so that eruptions are more frequent and spectacular when the tide is very high, and eruptions obviously depend on the presence of a large ocean swell generated by prolonged strong winds over the ocean well offshore from Kiama. Hence, any stochastic model fitted to data observed over a short period of time is only applicable to that period, and perhaps a few hours either side of the observations. But we might infer from the model fitted to those data that a similar model applies more generally.

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2018-11-04 15:15:13

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2018-11-04 09:07:24

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en Exponential distribution
en Poisson process

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Ensemble de données
Data set


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