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Measurements on Babies


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Measurements on Babies

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fr Covariance

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Smyth, G.K.

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Australasian Data and Story Library (OzDASL)

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The data consist of measurements (x1, x2, Age in months) on 23 babies, collected in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. It would be of great medical interest to find a relationship between x1 and x2. However, any correlation between them is likely spurious because both x1 and x2 tend to increase with age. See Chris Lloyd's original mailing to the ANZStat mailing list discussion.

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2018-11-04 15:16:52

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2018-11-04 09:45:26

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en Analysis of Covariance
en Spurious correlation

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Ensemble de données
Data set


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