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Fall Velocities for Samara Fruit


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Fall Velocities for Samara Fruit

Mot-clé statistique (ontostat:sujet)

fr Covariance
fr Analyse de régression

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Smyth, G.K.

Source (dcterms:source)

Australasian Data and Story Library (OzDASL)

Résumé (dcterms:abstract)

Ryan et al (1994) describe the data as follows: In autumn, small winged fruit called samara fall off maple trees, spinning as they go. A forest scientist studied the relationship between how fast they fell and their "disk loading" (a quantity based on their size and weight). The samara disk loading is related to the aerodynamics of helicopters. The data give the loadings and fall velocities for fruit from three trees.

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2018-11-04 15:11:20

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2018-11-04 10:45:27

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en Analysis of Covariance
en Groups
en Regression analysis

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Ensemble de données
Data set


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