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Sniffing for Hydrocarbon Vapour


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Sniffing for Hydrocarbon Vapour

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Smyth, G.K.

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en Multiple regression
en Variance modelling
fr Régression multiple
fr Modélisation de la variance

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Australasian Data and Story Library (OzDASL)

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When gasoline is pumped into a tank, hydrocarbon vapors are forced out of a tank and into the atmosphere. To reduce this significant source of air pollution, devices are installed to capture the vapor. In testing these vapor recovery systems, the amount that escapes cannot be measured, but a "sniffer" can determine if some vapor is escaping. Also, the amount that is recovered can be measured. To estimate the efficiency of the system, some method of estimating the total amount given off must be used. To this end, a laboratory experiment was conducted in which the amount of vapor given off was measured under carefully controlled conditions. Four variables are relevant for modeling. In an experiment, these conditions were varied and the quantity of emitted hydrocarbons was measured in grams.

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2018-11-04 15:23:43

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2018-11-04 14:10:16

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